“The Interpreter” Sydney Pollack’s flick is a benevolent of a strained and intellectual page-turner, highlighting on Nicole Kidman as a polyglot at the United Nations, and Furtive Overhaul agent Sean Penn.

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The Interpreter as reviewed previously is a 2005 civil detective story big screen rapt by Sydney Pollack, featuring Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, along with Jesper Christensen. The film devours a saneness of character, too. This is absolutely not a propelled-up techno-page-turner, but a bureaucratic, in which Surreptitious Amenity proxies Woods (Catherine) and Keller (Penn)are given to the U.N. subsequently a polyglot christened Silvia Broome (Kidman) eavesdrops a decease intimidation. The warning is alongside an African authoritarian entitled Zuwanie (Earl Cameron), on one occasion valued, at present faulted of killing…

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Nicole Kidman as Silvia Broome (main character)

Nicole Kidman

(Silvia Broome)

Sean Penn as detective Tobin Keller

Sean Penn

(Tobin Keller)

Catherine Keener as agent Dot Woods.

Catherine Keener

(Dot Woods)

Jesper Christensen is a Danish actor.

Jesper Christensen

(Nils Lud)


Missionary Boys - Mormon BoyzMissionary Boys – Mormon Boyz rebranded – have been a big inspiration for the directors of The Interpreter. You gotta love this fantasy, where young, very naive but very hot at the same time, missionaries are doing everything it takes to get into the cult inner circles. It might be not as easy as it sounds as priesthood leadership requires some serious homosexual acts to be done…

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