The Interpreter was a blockbuster featuring some of the best actors in the business. Although the movie is kind of an oldie now, the cast continued to live, act and make history. Let´s take a look at what happened with their careers since those magic days until now.

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a stellar Hollywood star that has performed many roles in some of the most important movies in history. She suffered a bit of a walk away from fame during 2015 but came back in 2017 fully decided to make amazing content. In the past year she was in three major Hollywood productions including the controversial Boy Erased with Russell Crowe. She plays Nancy Eamons, a catholic mother that sends her son to a gay rehabilitation program. The other two were Destroyer and super production Aquaman in which she plays Queen Atlanna.

As for 2019, she already has two movies in the post-production stage under the name of The Goldfinch and Fair and Balanced. She is one of the hardest-working actresses in the movie scene with a ratio of over three movies a year.

Sean Penn

Another star in the Hollywood Walk of fame goes under the name of Sean Penn and is completely deserved by this award-winning, hard-working and immensely talented actor and filmmaker. He won the Oscar for best actor twice in his career and has an impeccable record as one of the film industry most prolific characters. He is also a social activist and has been involved in the help teams of some of the worst disasters in the world like Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

His latest work as an actor includes a role as Dr. William Chester Minor in the film The professor and the mad man based on the book “The Surgeon of Crownthorne” (1998) by Simon Winchester. As for TV, he played Tom Hagerty in The First (2018) and Andrew Jackson in American Lion (2019). Finally, as a director he won the Palm Springs International Film Festival award for Best Director for 2007 hit movie Into the wild. Penn latest directed movie was The Last Face in 2016.

Catherine Keener

The third cast member that has kept herself very busy is Catherine Keener. She has filmed a ratio of three movies a year as an actress. This Oscar-nominated actress appeared in a total of seven movies in 2017 and 2018 including a voice-over work in Incredibles 2, an horror movie Get Out (2017), drama in We don´t belong here (2017), a biographical movie: Little Pink House (2017), a crime movie November Criminals (2017). By the year 2018 she got involved in three movies including the Incredibles 2, Nostalgia and Sicario: Day of the Soldado.

As if this was little work, she also played Deidre in Kidding and Kase in Forever both in 2018 for television. She acted in 10 and 5 episodes respectively. Finally, we cannot finish her recent story without mentioning she also played Evelyn Deavor in the videogame Lego The Incredibles in 2018.


The main part of The Interpreter´s cast has maintained very busy with Hollywood super productions, videogames, voice-over performances and videogames appearances. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn are among the elite actors of our time and Catherine Keener has shaped a great career from her big-screen debut as a cocktail waitress in About last night… (1986). Besides acting with Penn in The Interpreter, she was also casted by him as a director to play a role in Into the wild (2017). The movie went by, the legacy remains.