The movie was a box office success but didn´t make any nominations for the Academy Awards. Can we call it a success anyways?

Big Names, Big Budget

The film had heavy-weight names in the starring roles and a huge budget to be filmed.

The film had heavy-weight names in the starring roles and a huge budget to be filmed. The protagonists were played by no other than Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman, who have a long run of history in Hollywood having won Academy Awards in the past.

Their names alone drew people into the cinema but also the director of the film was Sydney Pollack, well-known for his past success in the Academy Awards with Out of Africa taking 7 golden statues back home including best director and best film. Film budget was sky-high with over 80 million dollars according to IMDb.

So, The Interpreter had the names, the budget, and the exposure but didn´t make it to the Academy Awards of that year that featured nominations to films who didn´t make as much in the box office but are better remembered.

Thickumz – Inspiration

Slick & Thick - Property of Thickumz

Slick & Thick – Property of Thickumz

Adult series called Thickumz has been inspired greatly by The Interpreter. We don’t know the direct links between these two productions but one thing needs to be said about Thickumz – creators really know how to pick the very best-looking actresses for their production.

After all, Thickumz features slim waist, big butt kind of women who are approached during their daily errands. Picked up and convinced to have some fun on cameras they end up having an intercourse sporting their slick and thick curves.

78th Academy Awards

78th Academy Awards

That year Oscars or Academy Awards were dyed by a strange mix of independent films and controversial plots with Brokeback Mountain (eight nominations, three awards) as the big winner putting on the big screen a love story of two cowboys and how homophobia worked its way through in the USA.

Another big winner of the night was Crash, a movie about 36 hours in Los Angeles filled with car devotion and a weird sense of humour. The third winner of the night was the remake of the original King Kong.

The strange thing is that the gross of the Best Picture nominees (five) together equalled the money The Interpreter had made, which is not such a common thing to be found in this kind of award at all.

Not A Failure Nor A Success

The film did 80M over budget.

The film did 80M over budget and was screened everywhere in the world which for most movie directors and actors in the world would mean a ground-breaking success story, but due to the names and the anticipation put on this motion picture, not being even nominated to the Academy Awards in any category can be thought of as a bit of a downer.

Although it was a special year in which blockbusters were not above lower budget, more risky and meaningful films, having Pollock, Kidman and Penn on the same poster could have been an 11-nomination story.